"Tonight we shine.

High School gym decked out in disco ball stars."

Jane, Episode 1


Eric and I wrote Loveville High because we wanted to celebrate the moment of risk, heartbreak, and joy when the wild strangeness of love comes into clearer view – usually when you’re young, always in the moments you least expect it. 

We wrote it as a podcast musical because we love to listen, really listen, to the small choices people make as they navigate this treacherous and often comic terrain. We wanted each episode to be self-contained – because each love story is its own universe – yet when taken together would a form an interconnected portrait of a school, because love is also about creating community. We especially wanted to show a group of kids whose inner lives are not always represented on stage, and a variety of kinds of love: romantic love, friend love, sibling love, even self love. 

Finally, the title:

I was driving south of Washington, DC, two years ago when I saw a sign – an exit for a town called “Loveville, Maryland.” The name amused me…then inspired me. I didn’t take that exit, but somehow a seed had been planted. For the past two years, I have loved exploring this fictional Loveville with Eric. We hope you find a little spot in it for yourself too…